Next GROSSES TREFFEN will take place April 22, 2017

Application Deadline: January 13, 2017

GROSSES TREFFEN a one-day network event that offers the opportunity for Finnish, Swedish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Greenlandic, Faroese, and Danish visual artists to do portfolio presentations, get feedback on their work, and become acquainted with key agents of the Berlin and Nordic art scenes – curators and thinkers.

Fundamental social, economic, and aesthetic values in the Nordic Countries are changing these years, therefore GROSSES TREFFEN 2017 thematically focuses on exploring CHANGING VALUES in the North. Do we see ourselves as materialists, innovators, ecologists, hedonists, or as privileged? In which way are values shifted and how could the possible futures of Nordic societies evolve and develop? We invite artists to send in applications, that in one way or the other are dealing with the mentioned issues.

The Nordic Embassies will host the event where the selected artists will have the chance to meet a number of prominent curators and thinkers representing a selection of vibrant art institutions, residencies, festivals, museums, as well as discourses in Berlin and the Nordic Countries. A jury will preselect the participating artists and the artist profiles to be included in the online database, based on their online submitted portfolios (deadline: January 13th 2017 18:00 CET).

Organized by the Nordic Embassies. Artistic director Solvej Helweg


How do I apply?

Please go to "Sign Up" on our website and fill in the form. You will be asked to create a password for your new profile. After you submit the form and receive a confirmation email you can go to ‘My Profile’ and log in with your email address and your password.

If we created a profile for you and you never logged in afterwards:
In order to activate and edit this profile you will have to "Sign Up" (please follow instructions above under "How do I apply?")

I applied last year. Can I apply again?
Yes, you can apply again for GROSSES TREFFEN 2016!
There are many applications to choose from and we unfortunately have
limited space. Therefore we do encourage artists to apply again!

Please log into "My Profile" (if you forgot your password you can reset it) and choose to either “Create new application from profile” or "Create new blank application".

What do I need to prepare for the application?
• Portfolio (max 3MB, max 12 pictures).
• CV
• Pictures (min 5 - max10), they may be the same as the pictures used in the portfolio
• Text (250 words about your work in general, and short texts about the uploaded works)
• Choose 5 reviewers you wish to meet

In which language should the application and portfolio be?
We only accept English applications and portfolios, because the jury and reviewers are

I am working in an artists’ collective, can we apply as a group?
Yes, of course!

What if I work with videos or sound files?
You can add links to your files. Please make sure to only add the ID of the link, not the whole link.

Can I send my portfolio after the deadline?
Unfortunately not. Please ensure that you complete the application on time.


Where will the portfolio review take place?
The GROSSES TREFFEN Portfolio Review takes place at the Nordic Embassies, Rauchstrasse
1, 10787 Berlin.

How does the portfolio review work?
Each artist meets curators from the list of the reviewers. The artist may make a wish list on the
application of 5 reviewers he or she wants to meet.

Does this mean that I will meet all the reviewers I wished to meet?
We do our best to match reviewers and artists, but it is not always possible to match you with
everyone you wish to meet.

How long is each review?
15-20 minutes.

How many works should I include in the portfolio to show the reviewers?
This very much depends on the content and body of your work. We recommend that you not
show more than 15-20 pictures. You should also consider saving some time to have a conversation with the reviewer.

How long does the GROSSES TREFFEN portfolio review last all together?
You will receive the exact schedule within the week before the GROSSES TREFFEN Portfolio
Review. Please ensure that you can be at the Nordic Embassies from 10am until 8pm.

May I bring a different portfolio to GROSSES TREFFEN than I used for the application?
Yes, the portfolio you present to the reviewers does not have to be the same as the submitted
portfolio on the application.

Which format should the portfolio / works have?
You will sit with the reviewer at a table that is not too big or too small. Which size you decide on is
up to you, as long as it is possible to show on a table and you feel comfortable with it.

May I show videos or sound pieces as well?
Yes, of course! Please be sure to bring your own charged computer and charger with you. If
sound is important, please bring headphones with you.


How does the selection process work?
After your successful online application, an international jury will select around 60 artists who are
invited to take part in the GROSSES TREFFEN Portfolio Review on April 16th 2016. The jury also
selects applications to be shown at the new online archive of Nordic artists.

May my submitted portfolio also be chosen for the online archive?
Yes, applying for GROSSES TREFFEN means that you apply simultaneously for the online
archive and the portfolio review.

May I change the submitted portfolio if my application is chosen for the online archive?
Yes, you can change your online portfolio anytime.
The submitted application itself can not be changed.
After the selection process, those applications that have been accepted will be your online profile
and can be edited any time.