THANK YOU to all artists and reviewers taking part in GROSSES TREFFEN 2016. We hope a web of new connections has been initiated

Cheers! GROSSES TREFFEN took place for the 4th time and the energy has been ever increasing over the years - thank you to the team at the Nordic Embassies, also especially to the jury - externals: Ellen Blumenstein, Markus Tor Andresson and Power Ekroth - doing a precise and careful selection of participating artists. Thank you everyone also for joining the reception!

Interested to know more about GROSSES TREFFEN 2016? Have a read about how and why GROSSES TREFFEN 2016 was conceived and took place and what the goals are for the event in the near future - also in a geopolitical context:

Please send your feedback about the event and any possible collaborations that might have been generated to THANK YOU